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Jenna F.

Ava’s Alterations is an amazing daughter-mother-grandmother women-empowered small business. They are caring people who take every effort to make a customer happy. I have seen them do their best to squeeze each and every customer in - knowing that life events may bubble up unexpectedly or understanding that some people postpone alterations from a body image or cost perspective.

I personally used them for my wedding dress. Each and every time, they always strove to present all the options and talk through the pros and cons, and make sure I knew what the next steps were. One time, something by the arm holes felt off, and they walked in and instantly knew what the problem was. Be honest with how you’re feeling - even if you don’t know how to express a concern, they will be able to identify the alteration needed. Their expertise was unparalleled and I honestly wish that they had been there when I picked my dress to talk through ordering the proper size. My dress had to be taken in a decent amount and I wish I had ordered differently.

Thank you so much, Ava’s, for everything you did to make me such a happy bride on my wedding day!​ 

Erica M

"My wedding dress came in very close to my wedding (5 weeks before) and they were able to get me in and get it done!!! I'm so glad I went there!! They took care of EVERYTHING I had even the slightest issue with or was uncomfortable! They didn't even hesitate when I told them how close my wedding was! There was a rus​h fee, which I expected, but I doubt anywhere else would have done it as well!! My bustle alone had 25 points but it was perfect for my dress so none of the lace pieces were hidden!!"